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Our company provides services for amending a trademark on a turnkey basis

The owner receives exclusive rights to a trademark after its registration with Rospatent. Legal protection of intellectual property rights is granted to the owner specified in the documents and to a certain extent. However, situations arise that require changes to the register or registration certificate.

Changes to the trademark are necessary when changing the owner's personal data, reducing the list of goods for which the mark is registered, changing the charter of a collective mark or converting it into a collective mark.

To make changes to the executive branch (FIPS), which are responsible for the registration of intellectual property, a notification with a package of documents is submitted.

You will not waste your personal time studying the procedure for making changes to the registry or certificate.
We will prepare and submit documents in 1-3 days
Competitors will not be able to cancel your trademark due to unreliable data
Our clerk keeps track of changes and controls FIPS if changes are not made for a long time

What changes are made to the trademark?

Often it is required to amend the information about the copyright holder or the address of the correspondence. This implies the addition of new information or partial deletion of outdated information.

Permitted Trademark Changes

List of data that can be changed:

  • name, name of the legal entity;
  • legal addresses of the holder of rights and representative;
  • reduction of the list of products;
  • removal from the mark of elements that are not protected by the validity of the certificate on trademark;
  • changing the graphics of the sign, in which the sign remains recognizable.

Prohibited Trademark Changes

In a trademark, a logo it is not permitted:

  • made amendments in which the mark or logo will change beyond recognition. In case of radical changes, it is better to register a new trademark.
  • increase the list of products protected by the trademark;
  • add graphic details, words, letters, abbreviations to the logo;
  • remove most graphics from the logo..

How to make changes to the trademark yourself

To make changes to a trademark, you must:

  • submit a petition to Rospatent with a list of changes;
  • pay a state fee.

The application must include:

  • Trademark number;
  • details of the changes;
  • extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities or IE certified by the owner of the trademark;
  • passport (copy).

The change action takes about 60 days. Important. In FIPS, these documents are often not considered for a long time and changes need to be controlled.

When to submit documents for a change in the trademark

You must submit an application immediately after the changes are made. Untimely introduction of changes will entail the termination of the trademark certificate, since the owner of the mark will be a person whose activity has already been legally terminated.

Key principles
and guarantees of the company

100% guarantee
We guarantee obtaining a patent or trademark under a contract.
Reliable protection
We write reliable patents, so that later it would be easier to protect your interests and prevent violations.
Fix price
The cost of services does not change in the course of work.
Complex services
We accompany you both during the registration of rights and before courts
We believe that in any situation there are several solutions. We never give up when faced with difficulties, we defend the interests of clients to the last instance..
Even the most difficult task has at least 5 solutions

Key figures
and company experts

Luckovsky Max Yurievich
Luckovsky Max Yurievich

Entrepreneur, co-owner of several companies. He is the author of patents, computer programs, understands the technical intricacies of patents and the legal aspects of their protection. In matters of intellectual property, he understands from a practical point of view - the profit that can be obtained from the rights to patents, trademarks, copyrights.

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Mokhov Evgeny Valerievich
Mokhov Evgeny Valerievich

Inventor, carries out professional activities in the field of protection and protection of intellectual property since 2004 - patent attorney of the Russian Federation No. 1232 from 23.05.2008, field of activity: inventions, utility models, industrial designs.

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Racheeva Uliya Gennadievna
Racheeva Uliya Gennadievna

Leading specialist in the international registration of trademarks under the Madrid Protocol in non-CIS countries, as well as direct registration of trademarks in the CIS countries. For more than 9 years she has been engaged in the registration of trademarks both in the Russia and abroad.

She has extensive practical experience in registering difficult trademarks and solving related legal issues.

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Kosyak Alexander Ivanovich
Kosyak Alexander Ivanovich
Patent expert

Author of over 20 scientific papers. He has extensive experience in the implementation and protection of R&D results, a specialist in the development and protection of exclusive rights to computer programs. In 2009 he defended his thesis for the degree of candidate of technical sciences.

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