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Preparation time from 1 day
Registration periodfrom 2 months
State feesfrom 23.100 ₽
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There are 21 experts in our team
More than 350 inventions have been invented
More than 1400 patents for inventions and utility models were granted
We guarantee 100% result

Benefits of registering a trademark with us

The Institute of Innovation and Law employs experts with more than 10 years of experience, who have accumulated extensive practical experience in the field of intellectual property.

Narrow professional specialization in intellectual property objects makes it possible to study the situation of each client in detail.

We are not afraid of "complex" trademarks. We understand that if the designation has been used for a long time, then it is necessary to take all possible measures to pass registration: cancellation of interfering signs, receipt of letters of consent, preparation of justified arguments and disputes in the Chamber for Patent Disputes and before the Court for Intellectual Property Rights.

Full check
We carry out a check on the full, paid FIPS base.
Fix price
The final cost of the work is fixed in the contract. No hidden fees.
We check and give a guarantee of registration.
Accompaniment from A to Z
We will monitor and prevent violation of your rights to a trademark

How to register a trademark

Our specialists will prepare an application and receive a trademark saving you 6+ months*.
Leave a request
Fill out an application on the website or contact us by phone.
Check and consultation
We will check everything and tell you about the algorithm for solving your problem.
A solution algorithm
Our experts will prepare a step-by-step trademark registration plan and advise you on possible solutions.
We will consult for free on the procedure for registering a trademark
Leave a request and get a 20 minute expert consultation for free.
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Your benefits of working with us

We answer even the most complex FIPS notifications
We get a positive decision, even with complex oppositions.
Protecting a trademark in court
We will defend your interests in Chamber for Patent Disputes and before the Court for Intellectual Property Rights.
We accompany commercial activities
We will draw up and register any contracts - franchises, sales, licensing.

Why register a trademark?

Copy protection
Someone can start working under your brand, receive orders and reduce your profits.
Protection from patent fraud
Fraudsters register your trademark on themselves, and then blackmail them, demanding to pay them for using "their" trademark.
The ability to sell a franchise
When you sell a franchise, you transfer the licensing rights to the trademark. If it is not registered, then it is impossible to sell it.
Access to marketplaces
Marketplaces and large stores require suppliers to have a registered trademark. They do this in order to protect themselves from any claims of third parties.
Solidity of the company
A company looks much more solid if it has a registered trade mark. In the eyes of customers, this adds reliability to the company.
Increase in company value
A trademark is an intangible asset. It can be assessed and put on the balance sheet of the company, thereby increasing its valuation and capitalization.

Stages of registration of a trademark

Step 1

Preliminary check and consultation

Examining your designation for the possibility of registration as a trademark
We: carry out a preliminary check of the designation for registered identical marks and compliance with the Civil Code of the Russian Federation
You: trust the professionals and expect the readiness of the conclusion
Result: conclusion on the possibility of registration
Stage costFree
Preparation time1 hour
Step 2

Full check

We select classes of MKTU, we carry out a full check of your designation for the absence of signs that are similar to the degree of confusion.
We: check your mark in FIPS retrieval system among registered marks and applications for registration, we also check the base of international marks
Вы: decide to continue registration.
Result: understanding the registration risks and ways to mitigate them.
Stage cost from 12 000 ₽
Preparation time 2-5 days
Step 3

Preparation and submission of an application

We prepare and fill an application through an electronic personal account with a 30% discount on state fees.
We: prepare the necessary documents for the application and fill it.
You: agree on the application and pay the state duty.
Result: an application for registration has been submitted, we are sending you an official notification. From the date of filing, you have priority.
Stage cost from 7 000 ₽
Term 1 day
State fees from 10 500 ₽
Step 4

Registration support

Monitoring the registration process of your trademark and responding to incoming requests and notifications from FIPS.
We: track the progress of your application, respond to incoming requests and notifications, inform you about the current situation.
You: do not get distracted by this question and go about your business.
Result: obtaining a positive decision on registration.
Stage cost from 7 000 ₽
Term from 2 months
Step 5

Obtaining a certificate

We receive a certificate of state registration of a trademark.
We: prepare a payment order to pay the second part of the fee, write an application to Rospatent for a patent, obtain a patent and send it to you.
You: pay the second part of the state fees.
Result: You receive a state certificate for your trademark.
Stage cost from 3 000 ₽
Term 1 day
State fees from 12 600 ₽

Our services

Basic package
  • Preliminary check and consultation
  • Preparation of application materials
  • Selection of classes MKTU
  • Submission of an application in electronic formwith a 30% discount on state fees
  • Registration support
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7 000 ₽
Preparation time 1 day
Registration period 8-10 months
All inclusive package
  • All services from the basic package are included
  • Checking for identical and confusingly similar marks among applications and trademarks registered in the Russia
  • Checking for identical and confusingly similar marks among international marks protected on the territory of the Russian Federation
  • Answers to all inquiries and notifications of examination
  • Obtaining a certificate
  • BONUS! Trademark registration guarantee
Leave a request
28 000 ₽
Preparation time 2-5 days
Registration period 5-7 months
Urgent package
  • All services from the "All inclusive" package are included
  • Submission of documents for an accelerated FIPS check
  • Reducing the time for responding to inquiries and notifications of the examination to 3 days
Leave a request
68 000 ₽
Preparation time 1-2 days
Registration period 1-3 months

Key principles
and guarantees of the company

100% guarantee
We guarantee obtaining a patent or trademark under a contract.
Reliable protection
We write reliable patents, so that later it would be easier to protect your interests and prevent violations.
Fix price
The cost of services does not change in the course of work.
Complex services
We accompany you both during the registration of rights and before courts
We believe that in any situation there are several solutions. We never give up when faced with difficulties, we defend the interests of clients to the last instance..
Even the most difficult task has at least 5 solutions

Key figures
and company experts

Luckovsky Max Yurievich
Luckovsky Max Yurievich

Entrepreneur, co-owner of several companies. He is the author of patents, computer programs, understands the technical intricacies of patents and the legal aspects of their protection. In matters of intellectual property, he understands from a practical point of view - the profit that can be obtained from the rights to patents, trademarks, copyrights.

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Mokhov Evgeny Valerievich
Mokhov Evgeny Valerievich

Inventor, carries out professional activities in the field of protection and protection of intellectual property since 2004 - patent attorney of the Russian Federation No. 1232 from 23.05.2008, field of activity: inventions, utility models, industrial designs.

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Racheeva Uliya Gennadievna
Racheeva Uliya Gennadievna

Leading specialist in the international registration of trademarks under the Madrid Protocol in non-CIS countries, as well as direct registration of trademarks in the CIS countries. For more than 9 years she has been engaged in the registration of trademarks both in the Russia and abroad.

She has extensive practical experience in registering difficult trademarks and solving related legal issues.

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Kosyak Alexander Ivanovich
Kosyak Alexander Ivanovich
Patent expert

Author of over 20 scientific papers. He has extensive experience in the implementation and protection of R&D results, a specialist in the development and protection of exclusive rights to computer programs. In 2009 he defended his thesis for the degree of candidate of technical sciences.

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