Registration of a patent for an invention and utility model

- We write patents with which you can defend your interests in court

- We defend the interests of our customers in courts and disputes

- We give a guarantee of obtaining a patent

- We patent inventions in 4-7 months, UM in 1-3 months

Price155 000 rub.
Preparation time 5-20 days
Registration period1-12 month
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There are 21 experts in our team
More than 350 inventions have been invented
More than 1400 patents for inventions and utility models were granted
We guarantee 100% result

Benefits of obtaining a patent for an invention with us

The experts of our company have practical experience in obtaining patents for inventions since 2010.

Our experts are not only patent attorneys trained in how to file an application for an invention, but also inventors who have invented at least 30 inventions and utility models. It will be easy for you to speak the same language with an expert.

You will not need to spend time preparing the materials required for filing a patent application. You give a minimum - a description of the essence of a patent for an invention, everything else (materials, drawings, drawings, description of an object, etc.) is done by our expert.

100% guarantee
We give a guarantee for obtaining a patent.
5 languages
We conduct an international search in 5 languages: Russian, English, German, Chinese, Japanese.
Fix price
We determine the final cost of the work at the very beginning, no additional payments.
Experts - inventors
Experts with experience of invention in your field work with you.

How to register an invention

Our specialists will formalize the invention and obtain a patent, saving you from 1 to 6 months*.
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Fill out an application on the website or contact us by phone.
An expert will advise you
An expert will tell you if it is possible to patent your invention.
We will prepare and submit an application
Our expert will prepare a formula, abstract, description, drawings and apply for a patent.
We will advise you on the patenting procedure for an invention free of charge
Leave a request and get a 20 minute expert consultation for free.
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Your benefits of working with us

Claim throughout the year
We will write a claim to the violator within a year or we will respond to an incoming claim for free.
We will get a patent 100%
We received patents for absolutely all requests from customers that we took into work.
We protect your interests in the Chamber for Patent Disputes and before the Court for Intellectual Property Rights.
With our patents, we confidently go to the courts to defend your rights.

Why get a patent for an invention

Copy protection
Great ideas are copied quickly. In a highly competitive environment, having a patent is a strong deterrent to competition.
Patent as a monopoly
having a patented method, recipe, technology, or device, you can have exclusive rights to use this object, which means you can set any price, sell a license, and have a unique trade advantage in the market.
Ability to sell a license
You can sell your patent, or enter into a licensing agreement and receive an annual royalty from the licensee.
Company capitalization
Patents are intangible assets and can be valued and placed on balance sheets, just like equipment, vehicles, or real estate.
Saving taxes when withdrawing money
A patent can be obtained by the owner of a company, as an individual, and sold to “sell” the right to use his company. In this case, when withdrawing money, only 13% of personal income tax is paid.
Improving business reputation
Patents increase confidence in the company and products, create the image of a “tech” company.

Conditions for obtaining a patent for an invention

Inventive step
For a person skilled in the art, the invention should not follow explicitly from the prior art.
The invention should not be known from the state of the art, which is established when conducting an information search and includes any sources of information that became known on the date of filing the materials of the application for the invention in the patent office.
Industrial applicability
The invention can be used in industry, agriculture, health care, other sectors of the economy or in the social sphere and be reproducible.

Procedure for obtaining a patent for an invention

Step 1

Preliminary check and consultation

We sign a non-disclosure agreement, define in general the protectability of the object, give an opinion on the possibility of registration and its type.
We: make a non-disclosure agreement, study materials, give an opinion.
You: explain the essence of the invention.
Result: understanding the possibility of obtaining a patent, its cost.
Stage costFree
Preparation time 1 day
Step 2

International patent search

We find out, whether the object has novelty, inventive step and industrial applicability.
We: determine what the object belongs to according to the IPC classifier, agree on the object of a complete inspection, conduct an inspection, prepare a report.
You: agree on the object of verification, make a decision on further patenting.
Result: a clear understanding of the object registration strategy, possible obstacles and possible additional objects.
Stage cost 35 000 ₽
Preparation time 5-7 days
Step 3

Preparation and submission of an application

We write the patent formula, description, abstract, drawings. We are submitting an application.
We: preparing missing descriptions, drawings and drawings of the object, writing an abstract, the object's formula, submitting an application to Rospatent.
You: agree on materials, pay for the state fees.
Result: finished application materials, application filed, patent application registration number and priority date received.
Stage cost from 30 000 ₽
Term 5-7 days
State fees from 560 ₽
Step 4

Legal support of registration of a patent for an invention

Control the registration process of your patent.
We: we monitor the progress of your application, respond to incoming requests and notifications, inform you about the current situation.
You: without being distracted by this question go about your business. Everything is under our control. You can contact us at any time and we will report the current status.
Result: obtaining a positive decision on the registration of the invention.
Stage cost from 5 000 ₽
Term from 2 months
Step 5

Obtaining a patent for an invention

We receive a patent on the state registration of an invention.
We: we write a petition to Rospatent for a patent, prepare a payment order for you to pay the second part of the fee, obtain a patent and send it to you.
You: pay the second part of the fees, get a patent.
Result: received a patent for an invention.
Stage cost 5 000 ₽
Term 1-2 months
State fees from 1260 ₽

Package offers

The package "Minimum" includes the necessary set of services for filing a patent application.
  • Selection of IPC classes
  • 20 minute expert consultation on choosing the most suitable protection method
  • Selection of analogues and prototype
  • Preparation of missing materials - drawings, drawings, descriptions
  • Registration of a patent application
  • Electronic filing of a patent application
  • Submitting an application for the granting of fees exemptions
  • Tracking the patent registration process
  • Answers to all formal examination requests
  • Obtaining the final decision of the patent office
  • 30% discount on state fees
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30 000 ₽
Preparation time 5-15 days
Consideration period 10-18 month
The "Optimal" package includes all the necessary set of services for guaranteed patent registration.
  • All from the "Minimum" tariff
  • Conducting international patent search (in 5 languages, we study from 2000 patent documents).
  • Providing a report on the search results with the introduction of 10-20 analogs into it with their analysis
  • Recommendations (or revision) of your invention to patentable (if necessary)
  • Defining a protection strategy for your invention
  • Responses to all inquiries and substantive examination notifications
  • Obtaining the final decision of the patent office
  • Provision of a guarantee of obtaining a patent
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85 000 ₽
Preparation time7-15 days
Consideration period 5-12 months
The “Accelerated” package includes all the necessary set of services for guaranteed registration of a patent and a procedure for accelerating registration.
  • All from the "Optimal" tariff
  • Expedited international audit - 3 days
  • Writing application materials in an accelerated period - 3 days
  • Submission of documents for accelerated verification, processing of results
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166 000 ₽
Preparation time 3-8 days
Consideration period from 2 months

Key principles
and guarantees of the company

100% guarantee
We guarantee obtaining a patent or trademark under a contract.
Reliable protection
We write reliable patents, so that later it would be easier to protect your interests and prevent violations.
Fix price
The cost of services does not change in the course of work.
Complex services
We accompany you both during the registration of rights and before courts
We believe that in any situation there are several solutions. We never give up when faced with difficulties, we defend the interests of clients to the last instance..
Even the most difficult task has at least 5 solutions

Key figures
and company experts

Luckovsky Max Yurievich
Luckovsky Max Yurievich

Entrepreneur, co-owner of several companies. He is the author of patents, computer programs, understands the technical intricacies of patents and the legal aspects of their protection. In matters of intellectual property, he understands from a practical point of view - the profit that can be obtained from the rights to patents, trademarks, copyrights.

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Mokhov Evgeny Valerievich
Mokhov Evgeny Valerievich

Inventor, carries out professional activities in the field of protection and protection of intellectual property since 2004 - patent attorney of the Russian Federation No. 1232 from 23.05.2008, field of activity: inventions, utility models, industrial designs.

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Racheeva Uliya Gennadievna
Racheeva Uliya Gennadievna

Leading specialist in the international registration of trademarks under the Madrid Protocol in non-CIS countries, as well as direct registration of trademarks in the CIS countries. For more than 9 years she has been engaged in the registration of trademarks both in the Russia and abroad.

She has extensive practical experience in registering difficult trademarks and solving related legal issues.

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Kosyak Alexander Ivanovich
Kosyak Alexander Ivanovich
Patent expert

Author of over 20 scientific papers. He has extensive experience in the implementation and protection of R&D results, a specialist in the development and protection of exclusive rights to computer programs. In 2009 he defended his thesis for the degree of candidate of technical sciences.

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