Our experts

Our team consists of highly qualified experts in the field of registration of intellectual property rights, who are able to participate in the registration process at any stage, including notification of the expert examination of the refusal.

Competent legal engineers who are able to defend your rights in Chamber for Patent Disputes and before the Court for Intellectual Property Rights, who understand and rely on the technical essence of your IP objects. Experienced inventors capable of solving non-standard problems, up to "custom-made inventions"

Each expert in our strong team specializes and develops in their field. This allows:

  • register complex trademarks and patents - your question will be dealt with by patent attorneys specializing in "Trademarks and Service Marks", "Inventions and Utility Models", "Programs for Electronic Computers, Databases, Topology of Integrated Circuits";
  • obtain patents that cannot be “circumvented” - patenting is carried out by experts - inventors who themselves invented and patented more than 100 inventions each. They understand the essence of your invention and provide for various modifications at the stage of preparation of the application;
  • give you a 100% patent guarantee - when conducting an international audit for each object, we study from 5000 patent documents in 5 languages: Russian, English, Chinese, Japanese and German. As a result, we are fully confident that your patent will not be challenged for novelty, inventive step or industrial applicability;
  • if necessary modify your invention to meet the required criteria - 4 candidates of technical sciences will help you with this - the authors of dozens of their own inventions, computer programs, scientific papers, articles and textbooks;
  • defend your rights before court - forensic patent expert and 3 practicing lawyers in civil and arbitration and intellectual property cases know all the intricacies of patent disputes and protection of rights to trademarks and patents
  • find and protect objects, the leakage of data about which can damage the reputation and income of your company - 4 experts on patent research, intellectual property audit, legal protection of RIA will help you.

Our experts

Luckovsky Max Yurievich
Mokhov Evgeny Valerievich
Racheeva Uliya Gennadievna
Kosyak Alexander Ivanovich
Каплина Дарья Владимировна
Потураев Сергей Евгеньевич
Громыко Александр Николаевич
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