We invite you to become a partner in trademark registration and patenting services. Recommend us to your clients - inventors and entrepreneurs, and get a bonus from 10% to 30% on each transaction.

We are already working with:

  • Design companies and freelancers
  • Marketing and branding agencies
  • Certification Authorities
  • Companies that register legal entities and provide accounting services
  • Legal companies
  • Marketplace specialists

We offer high agency fees to Patent Offices or patent attorneys specializing in Trademarks for writing patents for your clients.

We guarantee:

  • Keeping the client for you
  • Confidentiality
  • Speed of writing patent applications up to 10 days
  • Payments on time
  • Transparent control of transferred clients

12 partners are already successfully working with us, and we are ready to accept 4 more companies into the team. Let the manager know that you would like to participate in the affiliate program.

I myself was an agent (dealer) in my first few businesses. After that, i become an expert on building dealer networks and relationships with dealers. I perfectly understand what a dealer needs: excellent remuneration, timely payments, transparency and the ability to control their customers, flexible approach and loyalty in particular cases.
— Luckovsky Max Yurievich
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